Sunday School

“With us everything should be secondary compared to our concern with children, and their upbringing in the instruction and teaching of the Lord.” -Saint John Chrysostom

The philosophy of our Sunday School Program is based on a Christocentric approach, which enriches our students with principles of the Orthodox Faith, providing well rounded and theologically based lessons on the Bible, Liturgical Worship, Prayer Life, Sacramental Life, and Mission Awareness. Our program builds a solid foundation for the children of our community through exemplary lessons in the Teaching and Worship Practices of the Greek Orthodox Christian Faith.

Sunday School children are encouraged to attend the Divine Liturgy with their families beginning at 10:00 am. Immediately following Holy Communion, children proceed directly to the classroom so lessons may begin. Classes end at 12 noon. Registration begins on July 31st, with classes beginning on August 14th.  It is never too late to join!

Please bring your child(ren) to Sunday School every Sunday you are able. The curriculum builds on concepts learned from week to week and regular attendance will help your child more fully understand the teachings of our Orthodox Christian Faith. 

Perfect Attendance (zero unexcused absences) and Excellent Attendance (three or fewer unexcused absences) will be acknowledged on Graduation Sunday. Excused absences include: 1) attending another parish (with bulletin); 2) attending a camp with a religious service included.

Stewardship is an integral aspect in the life of a Christian. As part of the Sunday School curriculum, we seek to develop in our children a sense of stewardship and belonging. Please encourage your child(ren) to participate in the stewardship program through the Sunday School.

Our Sunday School Program is under the direction of Anna Paris, and is for children in Preschool (age 4) through High School. We have five classes:

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Teachers – Anna Paris & Naji Nassif

Curriculum – “Happy with God” & “What We See & Do in Church”

1st & 2nd Grade

Teachers – Kristine Wagner & Christina George 

“Me and My World” 

3rd & 4th Grade

Teachers – Stephanie Johnson & Pannay Guigley

“Growing with God” 

5th & 6th Grade

Teachers – Renee Graves & Alexia Loughman

Curriculum – "Divine Liturgy for Kids" 

7th Grade & 8th Grade

Teachers – Ken Hoover

Curriculum – New Testament

9th Grade to 12th Grade

Teachers – Chris Apalodimas, Bryan Berretta, Elizabeth Hawkins, and Ted Poplos

Curriculum – The High School School class covers the following topics over four years:

Becoming Orthodox (based on the book by Fr. Peter Gilquist)

Modern Contemporary Issues (based on the book by Fr. Stanley Harakas)

Old Testament I

Old Testament II