Junior Orthodox Youth

“Young people must be made to distinguish between helpful and injurious knowledge, keeping clearly in mind the Christian’s purpose in life.  So, like the athlete or the musician, they must bend every energy to one task, the winning of the heavenly crown.” -Saint Basil the Great

The JOY Ministry strives to provide a vehicle in which children in Kindergarten – 5th grade can further develop their faith in God and friendships with each other. Parental support and involvement are a vital part of this ministry as the JOY child is still open to having parents come and take part in activities. This fact presents us with a great opportunity to take a family approach to this ministry. Parents are invited and highly encouraged to attend all of the JOY activities throughout the year. This will help lay the foundation for your partnership in the spiritual education of your children.

GOYA is for young people in grades 6 through 12. Our goal is to offer the participants an opportunity to experience the Faith and to develop a "sense of self." We incorporate the “Four Circles of Ministry” - liturgia (worship), koinonia (fellowship), diakonia (service), and martyria (witness).